Our Mission


Founded in 1997, the Long River Review is an annual literary journal of art and literature staffed by undergraduates at the University of Connecticut. Today, Long River Review is dedicated to championing the best work from emerging writers and artists across the globe in our annual print and online journal. We want to publish work that electrifies; work that moves us; work that breaks and makes the world feel whole. Here at the Long River Review, we want to publish new voices: voices from the mouth of the river and beyond, voices drowned out by other voices, voices that might not have otherwise been heard. We publish work that is bold, unique, inventive, and most importantly, in your voice.


Spring 2019 Editorial Staff

Sean Frederick Forbes, Director, Creative Writing Program | sean.forbes@uconn.edu
Darcie Dennigan, Faculty Advisor | darcie.dennigan@uconn.edu
Siobhan Dale, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Brianna McNish, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Lilia Shen, Co-Managing Editor (Production)
Isabella Baldoni, Co-Managing Editor (Fundraising)
Samantha Mason, Co-Managing Editor (Fundraising)
Hannah L. Desrosiers, Online Editor
Anna Aldrich, Blog Editor
Brenna Sarantides, Social Media Coordinator
Kate Luongo, Community Engagement Coordinator
Ryan Amato, Marketing Coordinator
Allison Rosacci, Literary Events Coordinator
Betty Ann Noe, Poetry and Translations Editor
Joseph Frare, Fiction and Drama Editor
Bailey Shea, Nonfiction and Multimedia Editor
Jonathon Hastings, Copyediting Coordinator
Lauren Ablondi, Interviews Editor

Contact the Creative Writing Program

Creative Writing Program
University of Connecticut
215 Glenbrook Road, U-4025
Storrs, CT 06269-4025

Link to Writing Contests (current UConn students only)

Office Locations
Creative Writing Program: Austin Building, room 146
Long River Review: Austin Building, room 147

By Phone
tel: 860.486.2324
fax: 860.486.1530

To report an error on this website, please send an email to: sean.forbes@uconn.edu