Life After College

You shake the old woman’s hand and walk off stage, looking for your parents in the crowd. They spot you and you smile back at your mom before taking your seat. You know your graduation is just as much her accomplishment as your own. After the ceremony, you kiss your relatives, make plans with your… More Life After College

Poets and Editors

Recently, I joined some of the other editors for a radio show to promote the release of our latest issue. We floated as an idea for the show the theme “Poets and Editors,” and while we instead spent a lot of time talking about the poems in our latest issue that we’re really excited about,… More Poets and Editors

An Interview with Michael Schiavo (2013)

Michael Schiavo founded Long Review Review during his senior year at UConn in 1998. He is the author of The Mad Song (2012) and several poetry chapbooks. You can read his blog at The Unruly Servant. This year’s LRR staff caught up with him to discuss the past of Long River Review, poetry, and other literary concerns. LRR: You founded… More An Interview with Michael Schiavo (2013)