Hearing Poetry

Although I’ll be the first person to admit that I love nothing more than curling up with a book of poetry, there is something very special about hearing the words on a page come alive through a writer’s voice.  The way in which poets play with language becomes evident upon listening to the manner in… More Hearing Poetry

Suggested reading: picture books for adults! (I mean, graphic novels)

So, it’s spring break and you’re haunted by the pile of required reading that is waiting for you next week. You spend hours watching bad television just to relax your poor, tired brain. But then you start to feel a little guilty—you love reading, after all. It’s just that reading for college classes can often… More Suggested reading: picture books for adults! (I mean, graphic novels)

A Literary Meal

I’ve been noticing a trend in many of the readings for my children’s lit class… there’s A LOT of food. And some of the descriptions are so vivid and detailed that you can almost picture yourself enjoying the cuisine. Ranging from the delightfully decadent (like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s Chocolate River Drink) to the… More A Literary Meal

Exploitation of Femininity in “The Hunger Games”

Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games is classified as a young adult book.  There are several characteristics that define a book as young adult literature, but the strongest characteristic is the main character’s ascension to adulthood as he or she grapples with issues of power.  While Katniss initially appears to be the ultimate girl-power figure, it… More Exploitation of Femininity in “The Hunger Games”

Is Poetry Dead?

In 2003, Newsweek released an article titled “Poetry Is Dead.  Does Anybody Really Care?”  The article, as you might guess, asserts the position of poetry as an irrelevant artform in today’s day and age.  The author claims that poetry simply cannot survive in our culture of notoriously short attention spans and internet access.  I choose… More Is Poetry Dead?