10 Reasons to Start Your Own Bookstagram

Rachel Conte

I never found much satisfaction in scrolling through Instagram pictures of the same people fishing for likes by using cleavage and HD quality as bait, until one day I discovered the secret wardrobe of Instagram hidden from the mainstream drag; an endless bookiverse of readers just like myself who only want to spread their love of literature. Ever since I have been hooked on all things Bookstagram and everything it has to offer.

1. Get to see people spend as much time in bed with a book as you do

Assuming you are at least some percent introvert it’s likely that you spend much of your time in bed. Half of the pictures Bookstagrammers share are taken in the confines of that happy place, proving you’ll never feel guilty about staying under the covers as much as you do ever again.bed

2. Treat yourself to monthly book box subscriptions

The only thing that has lost any value in my life since joining Bookstagram is my bank account. That’s the thing about monthly book boxes; they demand to be bought. Forget waiting for that special someone to treat you right. Treat yourself to gifts you know for certain will never need to be returned.subscriptions

3. Cute animals

If there’s one thing better than a community sharing books, it’s a community sharing books AND pictures of their pets. Cats, dogs, birds, and ferrets; if there’s an animal, there’s a book account in celebration of it.  They’re the perfect book accessory you never knew it needed. cute aminals

4. Giveaways

This may be the most exciting part of a Bookstagram. Every day there are accounts offering giveaways of free books, merchandise, mugs, and anything else perfect for a book lover. Not only does this allow you to meet new account holders and make friends, but it’s also one of the core elements that make the Bookstagram community such a warm and loving place to be a part of.giveaways

5. Feel better about your coffee addiction

We’ve all done it, hesitantly walked into Starbucks for the third time in one day and sheepishly smiled to the same barista who saw you just two hours before. It’s okay! If there’s one thing photographed on Bookstagram more than books, it’s coffee. Lattes, cappuccinos, to-go cups, black, too much cream, we don’t discriminate.coffee addict

6.Get to openly talk about your book fetishes as much as you want

Are you Hufflepuff? A Twihard? An undercover Fifty Shades of Grey fan? Have you kept your book knowledge to yourself in fear of being judged? Now you can tell the world! We love you for your book fandoms and we want to hear about them. Chances are there’s already hundreds of accounts just like yours, waiting for more readers who’ve been hiding in the shadows to come talk about all things Christian Grey.twilight

7. Plan trips to all the amazing libraries around the world

Bookstagram has members from every corner of the world, and I never tire of seeing the beautiful stores and cafes they visit. Whether it’s an independent hole-in-the-wall bookstore or a monumental library, each one is calling out to you to discover the endless possibilities of the book world.libs

8. Finally have more than 82 followers

You never want to admit that the size of your social media fan base determines your self worth, but that sad little cluster of Instagram followers has always managed to nudge its way into your self-esteem anyway. By starting a Bookstagram not only are you guaranteed hundreds of followers, you also get to maintain your anonymity. A delicacy to us introverts in constant fear of public attention.

9. Opportunities to get books before publication

Book mail is like Christmas morning for book nerds, but receiving a book that hasn’t gone on sale yet? That’s Christmas morning on ecstasy. I don’t have to explain the feeling of getting the chance to read a book before publication, because I know you can imagine what I’m talking about.pre pub   

10. Mix the two things together you love most: books and booze

There’s nothing more serene than snuggling on the couch at night with a book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. Not a wine drinker? Not a problem. Bookstagram has got your frisky cocktails, your book bar scene, and last but not least, the fizzing pint of beer. We grew up with books, now it’s time books grew up with us.books and booze





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