LRR 2006

Letter from the Editor

This year I decided to do something new with the Long River Review.

First, I thought it might be nice to deliver the journal in a nice tin box, like the Terminator 2 Extreme Edition DVD. This was shot down due to funding problems. Then I thought we might deliver the journal via robotic man-servants. This was shot down because such robots do not exist. Then I proposed to sing the journal to individual readers, charging $3 per visitation. This was shot down on several levels. So, I decided that the journal was good as it was. This was not shot down.

But I still had questions. What is the Long River Review? What is a journal? Is there some Platonic ideal of “journal”? I don’t know. I’d ask Plato but séances are decidedly un-editorial.

The LRR is a pile of wood. This wood is very thin and covered in small black symbols. I had initially wanted to put out a blank, write-your-own journal. This was also shot down, so the small symbols remained. The small symbols are made of very thin layers of ink, which is made from squid fluids (at least in my head). These fluids are arranged in such a way as to give you messages.

The chemical structure of the whole thing looks something like this:


Now, none of what I just said is important. What is important, though, is what those little black symbols make you see, hear, think, smell, taste, and feel. They will take you through the world, feed you a pot of soup, and turn you into a dog.

It turns out the word “journal” is much like the word “church.” It is not only an object, but a collection of people, ideas, heart, and hard work.

I hope you’ll excuse the lack of a collector’s tin.

Christopher Venter

Prize Winners

The Wallace Stevens Poetry Prize

For the best group of poems by a graduate or undergraduate
Letter for Your Leaving” by Jaclyn Sheltry, First Prize
The Apparatus” by Meghan Dahn, Second Prize
To Live and Stay” by Megan McHugh, “Actuary of the Phantasmagorical” by Jason Mozzicatto, Third Place Tie

The Edward R. and Frances Schreiber Collins Literary Prize

Given by David and Emily Collins for the best poem and best prose work by an undergraduate
Five Times” by Christopher Venter, Poetry
Preacher Jones and Swade, the Little Gambling Man” by Austin Samsel, Prose

The Jennie Hackman Memorial Award for Short Fiction

Awarded in Memory of Jacob and Jennie Hackman for the best work of short fiction by an undergradate
Preacher Jones and Swade, the Little Gambling Man” by Austin Samsel, First Prize
Grief” by Jennifer Cuccaro, Second Prize
Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent” by Alexander Slater, Third Prize

The Aetna Undergraduate Creative Nonfiction Award

Given by the Aetna Chair in Writing to support excellence in undergraduate creative nonfiction
LBD” by Lisa Urless, First Prize
Black Bean Soup” by Jessica Rosa, Second Prize

The Long River Graduate Writing Award

For the best piece of writing in any genre by a graduate
A Stalker’s Utterance: My Scrapbook of John Turturro” by Aaron Sanders

The Long River Art Award

Elanie Blais, Art
Daniel Collins, Photography

The Gloriana Gill Art Awards

Dylan Riordan, Photography
Allison Valentine, Painting


  • Editor in Chief
    Christopher Venter
  • Faculty Advisor
    Ken Cormier
  • Managing Editor
    Kate Bojanek
  • Public Relations Managers
    Jessica Rosa
    Emily Sullivan
  • Poetry Editor
    Jacob Peter Overdurff
  • Poetry Panel
    Flannery Carey
    Nathan Harold
    Matthew J. Sebben
    Erica M. Spencer
    Rebecca Syombathy
    Christopher Venter
  • Fiction Editor
    Noelle Rose
  • Fiction Panel
    Amanda Cardinal
    Katie Costanzo
    E. Martin Heffter
    Michael Mannheim
    Lara Scalzi
    Chardee Sneed
    Nicole Terrien
  • Creative Nonfiction Editor
    Alexandra Schultz
  • Creative Nonfiction Panel
    Kate Bojanek
    Caitlin Boyle
    Mike Ramsey
    Jessica Rosa
    Emily Sullivan
    Cassandra Upton
  • Copy Editor
    Katie Costanzo
  • Art Director
    Edvin Yegir
  • Designers
    Erin Charest
    James Maikowski
    Emily Parsons
    Lauren Schlanger

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