LRR 2008

Letter from the Editor

I was first handed an issue of the Long River Review while I was still a high school senior visiting UConn. I came to a campus fair and asked one of the university representatives to tell me about the creative writing department. He was an older and therefore seemingly sagacious gentleman. He handed me a copy of the Long River journal.

Four years later, I have had the pleasure of working with a group students whose dedication and enthusiasm for this project has resulted in one of the strongest issues yet. The late nights and long weeks have paid off, as it is a privilege to present the fruits of labor put forth by the following writers and artists.

My hope is that every reader will find a piece, an image, or even a line that resonates with them. In doing so, I will feel a deep sense of accomplishment by being able to pass on a pursuit which has brought me much gratitude.

Nathan Harold

Prize Winners

The Wallace Stevens Poetry Prize

For the best group of poems by a graduate or undergraduate
Jackalopes” by Michael Pontacoloni, First Prize
Oh Comely” by Katrina Leno, Second Prize
Crystal Lake” by Matthew Harding, Third Prize

The Edward R. and Frances Schreiber Collins Literary Prize

Given by David and Emily Collins for the best poem and best prose work by an undergraduate
Al Deidrat” by Matthew Harding, Poetry
Power Outage” by Monoswita Saha, Prose

The Jennie Hackman Memorial Award for Short Fiction

Awarded in Memory of Jacob and Jennie Hackman for the best work of short fiction by an undergradate
Pianoforte” by Emily McDonald, First Prize
A Day in the Park” by Emily Capobianco, Second Prize
Jasmine” by Monoswita Saha, Third Prize

The Aetna Undergraduate Creative Nonfiction Award

Given by the Aetna Chair in Writing to support excellence in undergraduate creative nonfiction writing
Socks” by Jephrie Cabral

The Long River Graduate Writing Award

For the best piece of writing in any genre by a graduate
Our Savior in the Year 2000” by Christopher Venter

The Long River Art Award

Paulina Perlwitz, Art

The Gloriana Gill Art Awards

Elizabeth Gibbings, Drawing
Emily Giorgione, Photography


  • Editor in Chief
    Nathan Harold
  • Faculty Advisor
    Ellen Litman
  • Managing Editor
    Michael Pontacoloni
  • Public Relations Manager
    Amanda Wisniewski
  • Copy Editor
    Juliana Kenny
  • Poetry Editor
    James Davis
  • Poetry Panel
    Nathan Bean
    Juliana Kenny
    Jennifer Orlando
    Michael Pontacoloni
    Michael Schrage
  • Fiction Editor
    Sarah Zolan
  • Fiction Panel
    Tess Bird
    Anne Brooks
    Karina Pierce
    Lydia Smith
    Amanda Wisniewski
  • Creative Nonfiction Editor
    Austin Samsel
  • Creative Nonfiction Panel
    Brian Brennan
    Nathan Harold
    Rachel Madariaga
    Julie Trzaski
  • Art Director
    Edvin Yegir
  • Designers
    Krystine Conde
    Jessica Tully
    Lindsey Voskowsky
    Kendra Wallace

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