Spoken Word Poetry

Recently, while skimming through some TED Talks, I came upon a talk done by Sarah Kay on Spoken Word Poetry. Prior to this talk, I had never heard of spoken word. I assumed it was when poets traveled to different cafés, universities, and book stores to read their recently published work. But I soon discovered… More Spoken Word Poetry

Authors and Alcoholism

I’d like to believe you don’t have to be an alcoholic, drug addict, or suicidal to be a killer writer, but these tendencies certainly frequent many great authors’ lives. In every literature class I have taken, my professors present the pieces to be read that semester along with the biographies of the corresponding authors, and… More Authors and Alcoholism

Long River Review interviews Sina Najafi (2012)

Since February, we here at the Long River Review have been accepting submissions for Long River Rapids, our new online flash fiction series, where each month we ask readers to submit short works in response to a general theme that has been suggested by our editors. For March, it was “falling down.” This month’s prompt was… More Long River Review interviews Sina Najafi (2012)

LRR is…

Last year, the team at LRR created a video sharing the words they felt best described the magazine. Since then, the Long River Review has evolved, and it welcomes a new round of editors with their take on what makes the LRR unique. For all of these reasons, become part of the action! Submit to… More LRR is…

Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block. Those dreaded words no writer likes to hear. We sympathize with those who have it, we look for support when we’ve got it ourselves. It seems like writer’s block is inevitable, but here are three things I use to help myself when I’ve got it – and hopefully it can help some of… More Writer’s Block