June 18, 2015

“Glorious” by Amy Martin

By Lauren Silverio in Creative Writing Program, Feature Story, Fiction, LRR


by Amy Martin


Glimpses of his dreams pass by his eyes in the calm solitude of the waiting window. It’s one thing in Sean’s life that he wants slow and still and calm. One of few. He always seems in a rush. In a way, he is; in a way no one but James has ever been able to describe. Even James can’t explain him in words. James uses art that is enchanting. Sean’s constant movement blurs the edges of James’ sketches, and the movement is tangible. That art, that inherent magical quality when putting charcoal to paper- it is something Sean has only ever known James to posses. It is beyond his words. It is perfection. It is glorious. Sean hardly thinks he’s seen anything quite so breathtaking. He jokes that it’s because he is the subject of these creative endeavors, but he can hardly lie to himself.

Now he sits patiently, cold leaching into him from the unsealed cracks around the edges of the glass pane, he waits for the other thing he wants slow and still and calm. James enters. Sean can sense him, and his stomach does that odd flip he hasn’t yet accustomed himself to. He wants to hear the quiet voice say “Sean?” half a question, half an announcement of his presence. Instead, James simply crosses the room to him, standing silently beside him as the view into the swirling snowy darkness changes.

James doesn’t say the view is beautiful, or picturesque, or magical, or any of the sappy things that Sean suspects he’s thinking. Sean suspects James would love to sketch this scene; he is no doubt imagining how much black he’d need to cover the canvas, how to make the pinprick flakes of white swirl in a whorl that swallows you in the same way he makes Sean move. Sean guesses James isn’t quite sure himself how he makes his art come alive, that it’s simply a natural talent that surprises James as much as it amazes others. Sean has no reason to think this, but he guesses from the way James will stare blankly at a canvas or his sketchpad for full minutes, stops work and simply gazes, before becoming once more absorbed. Sean has always wondered if there is anything else in the world that can absorb James the way creating art does. He hasn’t yet found anything that does.

James shifts beside him, and Sean finally tears his gaze from the mesmerizing snowfall, tears his brain from its racing commentary, his senses from drinking in the presence of the man he knows too well yet not enough. He grins, and looks into the dark-soft eyes that have accompanied him through six years of friendship. James’ smile is broad, James the artist, James the quiet one, James whose innate happiness most people cannot see. But Sean has always seen it, and he will until the day that inner brightness fades.

Somehow, Sean knows James isn’t thinking about drawing or painting or art or the view out the cold glass, because that smile is for Sean, and no one else can see it. James’s eyes are subject to that goofy grin when they adore him in that moment. Sean lifts a hand from his lap, the crinkle of plastic too harsh between his fingers and real as is any noise in these moments with James he tells himself every day mean nothing.

“Cracker?” he offers, and it is the first word spoken between them and the sign for them both that this is just going to be another normal, casual, friendly encounter, and once again they won’t address the sparking fire that has been lit by their smiles. Sean doesn’t know James is slightly crestfallen, this time as well as every other; James himself refuses to acknowledge the slight lurch in his gut as he reaches out to take a salty delight from the proffered package.

He holds the foodstuff delicately, nibbling at the corner, and Sean laughs uproariously as is his custom when seeing James behave overly politely. To enhance the disparity between their eating methods, Sean shoves his fist into the plastic sack and, still chuckling, shoves a handful of crackers into his gaping mouth. He chews with his mouth open, too. James grins. The humor of this friendship is infectious. Even if no one but Sean sees it, James’s secret smile is never more satisfied than when they’re together.

Sean shrugs his legs off the window ledge, kicking his heels against the wall and staring at James, who no longer has a cracker to conceal his unrefined glee. It wouldn’t have had much chance, in any case.

After a moment, not a second too soon, Sean leaps off the windowsill, eyes sliding past James into their living room, where he spins in a dramatic circle before falling back onto the couch. It’s not long before he’s rifling through James’s things, James sitting in the armchair beside, ignoring the constant commentating Sean has running about the half-concealed personal belongings he’s sifted through a million times before. James is unconcerned, an empty page in front of him being filled with darkness by his nimble fingers. He’s recognized by now that he’d waived his right to privacy when he’d accepted Sean as his friend, even more so when they’d become roommates. He learned on the first day he’d ever met Sean that nothing would ever be safe from his sticky fingers and prying eyes. Prying, in Sean’ case, simply translated to curious. Or bored. Or, even, very occasionally, suspicious. But, it was always a good-natured suspicion, and James had never since kept anything he didn’t want Sean to see.

This was why he was confident as Sean rambled on about the state of his underwear, the hideous porn that Roger had slipped to him, and even James’ handwriting on business documents and meeting notes. James smiled and laughed and let his eyes wander to survey Sean discreetly, only to return them instantly to his fresh drawing when Sean held up a new object for inspection. Sean fell silent for the first time in ten minutes, and for the first time fear crept into his veins. As the waves of sound rolled away, James’s ears pricked and he froze, waiting for the moment when Sean would rip James’ attention from the sketchbook and demand an explanation behind the acquisition of some new addition to James’ belongings. It didn’t come. Slowly, James raised his eyes to examine Sean. A page of James’ notes was clutched in Sean’s hand. There were doodles in the margins partially concealed by Sean’s fingertips. Sean’s eyes had gone blank as he gazed down at the paper. James tried to surreptitiously sneak the page from his friend’s hands, but Sean drew back to life, and held it tighter to himself. Before James got the chance to ask what was wrong, Sean pulled a fresh stack of paper from a pile beside him on the coffee table and covered the offending document, launching quickly into a new rant on the CEO and how he was an enormous greasy jerk. James let it pass. He returned to his charcoal drawing, but kept an eye on where Sean placed that pile of parchments, keeping track of where he moved it six different times. He wanted to know what Sean had seen that had made him so uncharacteristically silent and distant.

Sean was cold, colder than he’d been at the windowpane even though he had a warm comforter bunched up around his waist and James’s long legs stretching out across the sofa beside him. In fact, James’s closeness had made him warm in a way he refused to acknowledge, but the chill in his brain and his chest had not been touched. Office meetings were ridiculously boring, notoriously so- had James spaced out so much that he’d not realized what he’d doodled? The picture of the man, from waist up and shirtless, on the side of the page was unmistakably the same as the image Sean faced in the mirror each morning. James must have done the doodle from memory, which begged the question- how much did James stare at him half-naked? So, alright, he was shirtless quite often at the gym or parties or swimming in the summer, or hell just wandering around their apartment- but that didn’t give James an excuse to remember the lines of his body so well.

Surely, this was a fluke. James had never drawn anything like this before, at least not that Sean had managed to get his hands on. Either James’s imagination had gone haywire while listening to the boss’s droning, a real possibility, or he’d been concealing immoral feelings for his best friend for an undetermined length of time. Sean hoped to God it was the first.

After he’d scattered James’ possessions everywhere, Sean retired to the kitchen for a beer. Since the tense moment with his notes, everything had been normal, or at least he thought it had. The camaraderie and easy routine the two of them had had only skipped a beat, then Sean had been back to cracking jokes and leaving the both of them laughing. Still, as soon as Sean had left the room James picked up his things and carefully replaced them into piles around his briefcase. On the pretext of organizing them, James hurriedly rifled through the stack that contained that particular page of his notes. Despite their near-instantaneous return to friendly banter, James was curious what had caused Sean’s momentary lack of composure. He had not yet located the correct page when Sean returned, holding out a beer for him, his hair tousled messily in his usual fashion. Sean’s eyes were drawn to James at once, and suddenly James felt guilty for prying, although the notes he was shuffling through were his own. For a moment, Sean stared at him with an expression that James had never seen before. It left him feeling raw and thoroughly examined. Sean raised the beer to his mouth and disappeared towards the kitchen once more. James was struck still for a moment, then returned to his task as quickly as he could.

Eventually, he found it in the stack. He scanned the doodles that filled the sides of the page until his eyes found it and fixated. His brain took a few seconds to process the drawing, and in that time his jaw dropped open. When his brain caught up, he quickly scanned the room, relieved to see that he was still alone. He slid the paper out of the stack and into his pocket, and hurriedly replaced the pile on the table where Sean had found it. He finished organizing the last of his belongings, and walked into the kitchen.

Sean didn’t look at James as he leaned against the edge of the counter. It wasn’t really awkward, just silent for a few minutes until Sean announced he was going to bed, and disappeared into the other room.

James heaved a deep breath, finished his beer, and decided that retiring was probably a good idea. After shutting the door to his room behind him, he pulled the paper from his pocket, his charcoal stained fingerprints smearing the edges of the page. The drawing of Sean was left intact. James didn’t remember drawing it. The boss’ lecture had been droning on, and he’d spent the lesson staring at Sean’ head. His face was in profile to James, and he could see himself idly scratching out the lines of his nose, the familiar angles of his face, but he’d thought that then he’d dozed off. James tried to confront himself honestly. What were his feelings for Sean? At this point, no matter what they were, Sean deserved to know the truth.

Sean, who had been raised devoutly Irish Catholic.

Sean, whose Dad had disowned his Uncle Matthew when he’d come out to the family.

Sean, whose priest had had such a kind face and such gentle fingers when they’d lain themselves across his arms while he’d said his prayers.

Sean, who’d been such a disappointment to his father.

Sean, who’d discovered that kissing Sadie Brown after the Christmas Party was not half as exciting to him as being close to James.

Sean, who was even now curled in a ball against his bedroom door, clutching at his rosary and chanting, repressing the tears leaking from the corners of his eyes.

Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum…




Amy Martin is a senior studying abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is an Environmental Writing individualized major and an Ecology and Evolutionary Biology minor. She loves dogs, travel, and food.




March 26, 2015

Overcoming the Obstacle of Outlining

By Theresa Kurzawa in Fiction, LRR, Uncategorized


Over Spring Break I had to do a lot of things I didn’t particularly care for such as: laundry, putting gas in the car, and outlining one of my (many) half-finished novels. I’ve never particularly liked the idea of outlining a novel. I always thought it was more natural to let the words flow from pen to page and I viewed outlines as restrictive and stifling of the creative process. However, it has come to my attention that in using an outline I am more likely to finish a longer piece of writing than if I just wing it and see what happens. Having a basic outline and even a more detail character profile as well as a plot outline can really benefit a writer and and the writing process. Outlining has helped me organize my thoughts into a clear, linear path which will eventually become a fully completed novel.


The most helpful outline for plot that I’ve found is the Freytag Model. This model separates the plot of your novel into 5 sections: Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, and Resolution. To a knowledgeable writer, these terms should make sense in terms of your novel. The Exposition is the beginning of your novel where the setting is laid out and the characters are introduced. It is important that this is done at the very beginning so the readers can get to know your world and your characters the way you do. The Rising Action is where the fun begins. This is where your protagonist is faced with whatever problem he or she (or they/it) must face in order to complete whatever goal they have. Without a problem, there is no plot. The Climax is the height of your novel and should be sort of a turning point for the protagonist. In the Climax, the problem should be directly addressed and the Climax is, arguably, the most fun to write. The Falling Action is the results of the Climax. Whatever your protagonist has done to address the problem in the Climax, the Falling Action is the response to this. Finally, the Resolution is the very last part of your novel. This is the part where things are either tied up nice and neat with a bow and all the problems are solved or it’s the part where things are left in a complete mess. Even if you’re writing a series, the resolution of the individual novels is key and must provide some sort of closure for the reader. You don’t have to answer every question left unanswered, but you do have to provide some sort of conclusion to the events that satisfies the reader. A free link to this outline can be found here.

character outline

Another type of outline is the In-Depth Character Profile. This profile is a little ambiguous and can vary character to character. However, many authors will agree that establishing a complex history of a character can really improve a novel. Great novels are character driven and the more dynamic the character the better the novel. To accomplish this, I would recommend writing down traits that you would find important to discover about a significant other (even if they are not relevant to your novel). Does he fold his socks or does he tie them in a knot? Does she wear lipstick or prefer chapstick? Chocolate or vanilla? These kinds of questions will create a character that displays these traits in subtle ways throughout your novel. A free example can be found here.

Using these tools, you have established a flexible skeleton for you novel, allowing yourself the creative wiggle room you desire, but still giving your novel a backbone. Once you start writing your novel, you’re going to have moments where you’re not sure where you’re going with either your plot or your characters, and these outlines will help lead you back to your story.


March 13, 2015

Reevaluating the Romance Novel

By Theresa Kurzawa in Fiction, Uncategorized

With Spring Break approaching, many of us are looking for a good novel to read on the beach or at home wishing you were on the beach. Now, Spring Break is a very short week so I wouldn’t recommend tackling anything heavy like War and Peace or The Inferno. I know I’ll be curled up on the couch with whichever romance novel my local bookstore has featured that week. The romance novel has a stigma of being “trashy” or lacking the “complexity” of so-called “classic” novels. However, it’s my belief that whatever gets someone reading is a good thing, no matter the content of the book. Kind of like “don’t judge a book by its cover” even though half of romance novel covers contain barely-dressed people. Here are the top 5 romance authors to check out this Spring Break!

1) Tamra Baumann

81UqTaD-8tL._UX250_ 81zakOzeEfL._SL1500_



Tamra Baumann is an award-winning contemporary romance author and is ranked number one on Amazon’s Most Popular Romance Authors. Tamra is a Golden Heart and Golden Pen Winner. The first novel in her It Had To Be Him Series titled, appropriately, It Had To Be Him, tells the story of a woman  named Meg Anderson. Meg is a single-mom with a perfection-loving father who is the Mayor and siblings that seem to get everything right while Meg can only do wrong. After three years, the father of Meg’s daughter, Josh Granger, wants his family back in his life. To find out more, pick up It Had To Be Him and check out Tamra’s website!

2) Milly Taiden

51qM8A6vckL._UX250_ A1bEcK3P6-L._SL1500_



Milly Taiden, also known by her pen name April Angel, is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author. Milly’s novels range from contemporary romance to paranormal romance. She has written numerous novels and series including her latest novel: Fur-bidden. The novel tells the story of Penelope Medina who gets suckered into a bachelorette auction. She plans to have her assistant, Ethan Sinclair, buy her so she won’t have to deal with some creepy guy on a date. Instead, Ethan, who is a were-bear (a man who turns into a bear), has other ideas in mind. Find out more at Milly’s website!

3) J.S. Cooper

js cooper91ZEayJVnhL._SL1500_


J.S. Cooper is another New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, as well as a Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. She is a contemporary romance author and one of her best works is her Prince Charming Series. The first book in the series is titled Finding My Prince Charming. Lola Franklin decides she would like to study abroad in Europe. She meets a particularly attractive man before class one day and finds out later that he is her professor and a prince named Xavier Van Romerius. He’s also a notorious playboy. Can Lola tame her prince charming and live happily ever after? Find out in Finding My Prince Charming! Check out J.S. Cooper’s website and look at her other series!

4) Nora Roberts



Nora Roberts is possibly one of the best known authors in the romance genre and has pioneered the way for other women, like Tamra Baumann, to stick their toes in the business. The New Yorker even called her “America’s favorite novelist.” Nora Roberts writes contemporary romance and her latest novel is published under the pseudonym of J.D. Robb. The book is part of her In Death series and is titled Obsession in Death. It follows the story of Eve Dallas, a Lieutenant for the NYPSD, as she solves her latest crime. This time around, Eve becomes the object of dark obsession while a murderer offers to kill for her over and over again. Eve must investigate the crime before the murderer leaves more dark presents on her doorstep. Learn more at Nora’s website!

5) Diana Gabaldon


Author Diana Gabaldon is working her way to become a household name with her New York Times Bestselling series Outlander. The series has recently been adapted into a TV-Show on Starz with the same title. The series is a historical romance novel, but it’s Game-of-Thrones-esque appeal has made it into a sensation. In 1945, combat nurse Claire Randall, has finally returned home from the war to be reunited with her husband. She is suddenly transported back in time to Scotland in 1743. Thrown into the unfamiliar, as an “outlander”, Claire relies on the help of James Frasner, a young, attractive Scots warrior. Claire is torn between her desire for James and loyalty to her husband back at home. Find out the fate of Claire the old fashioned way (by picking up the book instead of watching the show!) and check out Diana’s website.

So next time you walk past the “Romance” section at a Barnes & Noble’s think twice before rolling your eyes! You could be rolling your eyes at a New York Times Bestselling author!


March 9, 2015

An Important Novel for Our Generation: The Circle

By emilychiarelli67 in Fiction

As an English major, obviously most of my assignments involve reading or writing. For my advanced study in Digital Rhetoric class, we are currently reading a novel called The Circle written by Dave Eggers. This novel is essential for everyone in our generation to read, as it details the truly awful potential outcome social media could have on us as a society.
The Circle is a warning novel. It starts with the protagonist, Mae, landing a job at this influential company, the Circle. At this point, the circle has taken over Google, Facebook, and many other companies we know and use everyday. Mae starts off as a shy “newbie” (as they call them), working in Customer Experience. As the book progresses, things get weird. Mae is chastised for leaving the company’s campus for the weekend, and for not attending certain social events. She quickly changes her behavior, and makes sure to participate more in events on campus.
She has a few strange encounters with fellow “circlers”, her parents, and an ex boyfriend throughout the novel. However, one character in particular stands out. His name is Kalden, and he warns Mae about the potential disaster that could come with “completion of the circle”, a goal the company is working towards.
At this point in the novel, almost everyone has gone “transparent”. This means that they walk around with little cameras around their necks, or have cameras in their rooms so everyone can see what their doing, this way everyone knows they have nothing to hide. After Mae goes transparent, her ratings are through the roof. At any given point, she could have up to millions of people watching her. She thrives on the attention of these strangers, but is slowly seeing how this transparency is affecting her real relationships. When she visits her parents, their interactions are stifled and fake. She has the same experience when talking with her friend Annie, who got her the job at the circle.
Without giving away the ending, Mae’s warnings from Kalden turn out to be very legitimate. Mae finds herself submersed in this potentially apocalyptic situation, and has to do whatever it takes to get out of it.
The Circle has left me very aware of the problems that can come from a society revolving around constant connection. As we live our lives with cell phones, laptops, and social media reigning over everything that we do it makes me fear we are working towards a similar future, which is why its important for everyone to read this novel and remember the importance of personal relationships.
the circle
I think this weekend I’ll take a hike outside and leave my phone at home.

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