Read the latest edition of our magazine! The Long River Review 2022 publication will be available for purchase at the Barnes & Noble at Storrs Center, 1 Royce Circle, Storrs CT in the near future.

Founded in 1997, the Long River Review is an annual literary journal of art and literature staffed by undergraduates at the University of Connecticut. Today, Long River Review is dedicated to championing the best work from emerging writers and artists across the globe in our annual print and online journal. We publish pieces that move us, and we want to move our readers as well. In a troubling and stagnant year, we hope the work enclosed in this journal offers readers something fresh and dynamic — something to help them ride out the storm, however long it may last.

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Check out our 2021 online reading series featuring Long River Review authors published in our upcoming journal! Listen to short fiction piece Breakfast Potatoes by current Editor in Chief Alex Mika, or Fruit Basket by LRR author Samantha Bertolino, and many more to come! You can find them here or under Content then Recordings.

Spring 2023 Editorial Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Rylee Thomas Managing Editor: Camryn Johnson Fiction Editor: Cameron Deslaurier Nonfiction Editor: Sophie Archambault Poetry Editor: Aayushi Agarwal Translations Editor: Marianna Batchvarova Events Coordinator: Grace Carver Blog Editors: Madison Bigelow, Pascale Joachim Poetry Panelists: Kelley Gifford, Madison Bigelow, AJ Smyth, Grace Carver Fiction Panelists: Marianna Batchvarova, Katherine Jimenez, Ally LeMaster, Camryn Johnson Nonfiction Panelists: Ally Carbutti, Joanne Biju, Pascale Joachim, Rylee Thomas

Faculty Advisor: Sean Frederick Forbes  /

Spring 2022 Design Team

Amara Khaled   Christopher Holguin   Colin Ladd    Jared Poulsen   Kate Blomstrann   Katie May Howarth   Laura Skinger   Leyla Arici   Lina Racaniello   Madison Marquez   Micha Aviad   Sarah Woodward  

Art Liaison: AJ Smyth

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