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Spring 2023 Editorial Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Rylee Thomas

Managing Editor: Camryn Johnson

Fiction Editor: Cameron Deslaurier

Nonfiction Editor: Sophie Archambault

Poetry Editor: Aayushi Agarwal

Translations Editor: Mariana Batchvarova

Interviews Editors: Kelley Gifford, Joanne Biju

Blog Editors: Pascale Joachim, Madison Bigelow 

Copyediting Leads: Ally Carbutti, Sophie Archambault

Events Coordinator: Grace Carver

Arts Liaison: A.J. Smyth

Instagram Lead: Rylee Thomas

Facebook Lead: Ally LeMaster

Twitter Lead: Grace Carver

TikTok Lead: Katherine Jimenez

Poetry Panelist: Kelley Gifford

Poetry Panelist: Madison Bigelow

Poetry Panelist: A.J. Smyth 

Poetry Panelist: Grace Carver

Fiction Panelist: Mariana Batchvarova

Fiction Panelist: Katherine Jimenez

Fiction Panelist: Ally LeMaster

Fiction Panelist: Camryn Johnson

Nonfiction Panelist: Alyssa Carbutti

Nonfiction Panelist: Joanne Biju

Nonfiction Panelist: Pascale Joachim

Nonfiction Panelist: Rylee Thomas

Faculty Advisors:

Sean Forbes /

Ellen Litman  /

Contact the Creative Writing Program

Creative Writing Program
University of Connecticut
215 Glenbrook Road, U-4025
Storrs, CT 06269-4025

Link to Writing Contests (current UConn students only)

Office Locations
Creative Writing Program: Austin Building, room 146
Long River Review: Austin Building, room 147

By Phone
tel: 860.486.2324
fax: 860.486.1530

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3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello

    My name is Lucas Miguel Hernandez, you can just call me Luke, and I am a UConn Alumni (CLAS 2011, BA in English). I am trying to get some short stories that I have written over the past five years published and am asking to be sure that Long River Review does publish works by alumni. I have read through the site and, while it does say that all works by anyone are published, I just want to be sure.

    In the event that the Review doesn’t accept my story/stories could you also give me help in finding a publisher? I have a list of periodicals that I have recently written down but just thought I would still ask. The stories are mostly anywhere from 2 – 25 pages long.
    Thank you.

    Luke Hernandez

  2. Great, thoughtful essay on objectivity by Sten Spinella. I’m not objective: it’s original, full of insight and it needs to be said.

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