The F-Word

Cassandra Quayson, Guest Blogger Think back to the best book you’ve ever read. You know—that book. The one you literally couldn’t put down. You were so invested in the characters, the plot, the climax. Or maybe it’s not just one book. Maybe it’s a series. Or even a movie, or TV show, or a live… More The F-Word

Audible’s Reading Achievements Can Encourage Readers

  Joseph Frare, Fiction Panel Editor  Have you ever played a video game, such as Call of Duty, Halo, or even Fortnight, and after you’ve conquered a specific base, taken down a difficult enemy, or perhaps merely decided to open up the single player campaign mode, a small notification pops up on your  screen stating… More Audible’s Reading Achievements Can Encourage Readers

… April Fools?

Betty Noe, Poetry Panel Editor  In honor of yet another April Fool’s Day, easily my least favorite holiday on the Gregorian calendar, I’d like to take this time to remember the worst April Fool’s prank I was ever on the receiving end of. Let’s set the scene: I was a junior in high school trying… More … April Fools?