For the last twenty years, the Long River Review has told stories that have never ceased to move me. The writing and art get better every year, and the demographic we represent continues to grow.

We are proud to be one of the few magazines staffed entirely by undergraduates. Our editors visit disadvantaged high schools and encourage kids to participate in our program. They work late nights week after week to ensure that they fulfill the author’s vision. Students who started their literary careers with us have gone on to become publishers, Pushcart Prize nominated poets, and artists who never stop beautifying our world.

In future issues we want to allow even more students to share their stories and art with us. Your gift of $5 or more will allow us to showcase a broader range of student work, as well as circulate our issue to more high schools and public libraries across the state.

Help us spread the written word and please consider making a donation to us today. It’s easy. Click on the link to the UConn Foundation’s secure online giving web site.

Under “Gift Designations” select “I would like to give to a fund not shown on the list.” Type in “Long River Review Fund (22535)” and the amount you would like to donate.

Sean Frederick Forbes
Faculty Advisor
Long River Review

Your donation will be deposited to the Long River Review Fund (22535) and administered by the UConn Foundation, Inc. Donations will be used to provide general program support for the Long River Review publication.

If you are having trouble donating, view our troubleshooting document.

For more information about the UConn Foundation, Inc and see our disclosure statement.

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