An Ode to Graduating Seniors

You made it, you’re done
with the finals, done
with the papers, done
with the blue books, the pencils, the classes;
you’re done, done, done, done.

But are you really?

Does education end
with graduation – are the two
synonymous and entwined?
Will you never
pick up a book again, will you never
write a story, will you never
learn for the sake of learning?
Will you never
see old friends, old lovers; will your
interests die and
be reborn? Will you get
a job and never
look back, never
wonder about what might have been,
what might still be? Will you never
regret being done?

I like to hope
that we will stay
in touch; I like to hope
that you will find a good book
and read it just for fun; I hope
you will stay active, I hope
you will create, I hope
that being done
doesn’t necessarily mean
that you’re through. 

Yours always,

-Tim Stobierski

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