Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block. Those dreaded words no writer likes to hear. We sympathize with those who have it, we look for support when we’ve got it ourselves. It seems like writer’s block is inevitable, but here are three things I use to help myself when I’ve got it – and hopefully it can help some of you, too!

1. Sit Down and Write It Out!
Just start writing. Write about anything. Write about what you did today, write about the random thoughts you had during the day, write out your stream of consciousness. It doesn’t matter what you write, as long as you get that pencil on the paper (or your fingers on the keyboard) it will warm you right up to writing that paper, poem, or novel you’ve been working on.

2. Get Your Mind Going!
Do whatever activity it is that gets your mind working. For some it’s meditating, for some it’s running, maybe for some its crossword puzzles. Anything that gets your brain warmed up, gets those gears turning and those creative juices flowing.

3. Relax!
The first time you write something, its not going to be great. In fact, maybe the first three revisions won’t get you to your best version. Striving for perfection is definitely something all writers should do, but don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and make some mistakes.

I hope this list will help you during this week of midterms, and will help you fend off writer’s block in the future!

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