Like Reading? Then Put a Ring on It!

Ring in Book Blog posts are stressful, man. So are taxes, emails, and Facebook. That’s why, for the past few weeks, these other stressful tasks have taken precedence over the #1 task of any English major—reading.

Reading has not been a priority of mine for about a month now. Too many deadlines, too many applications for this job or that scholarship, too many extracurricular obligations…too many ridiculous excuses.  It was only after chatting with UConn’s Spring Aetna Writer-In-Residence and visiting poet G.C. Waldrep that I realized how rare reading poetry just to read it—in a context 100% unrelated to a school assignment—has been in the past few weeks.

A poet that does not read poetry. Worse yet—a poetry editor that does not read poetry.

A fraud?

No…just a confused, seemingly “stressed” (though really, my stress is all just an illusion) Type A college nerd. Eh, nothing new.

Solution? For myself and other fellow sufferers? Stop prioritizing the “little things”—yes, even our beloved Form 1040A’s – EZ’s—over the sacred act of reading an actual text. Reading is like a good relationship—if you like a book, then put a ring on it. Commit—immerse yourself—dedicate time to it. Marry a book—for a while or for life.

You know, blog posts are stressful, man. So I’ll abruptly finish this one and encourage you and me both to—

Stop reading this and go read a book

Or, you know, watch this ONE irresistible, completely reading-related video and THEN go read a book.


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