Lines From the Works of William Shakespeare, or Jay-Z Lyrics?

Answers at the bottom. Good luck.

  1. We swaggering here
  2. For now I get around
  3. Life is but a dream to me
  4. I hit it right
  5. She’s too low for a high
  6. I flow too many ways
  7. These clothes are good enough to drink in
  8. I’ll teach you how to flow
  9. Fresh and fragrant
  10. Holla, holla!


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1 – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

4 – Romeo and Juliet

5 – Much Ado about Nothing

7 – Twelfth Night

8 – The Tempest

9 – A Midsummer Night’s Dream



2 – “Girls, Girls, Girls”

3 – “Beach Chair”

6 – “What They Gonna Do”



10 – King Lear and “Holla”

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