LRR Guerilla Art: You’re Invited

lrr1For our guerilla art project, Erin and I decided to focus on the Long River Review as a collective whole made up of diverse pieces. We all come from various backgrounds, privileges, and interests. As many of us will be leaving UConn this year, we each leave a bit behind, some fragment of our being. The stories within the new issue of the Long River Review reflect that sentiment – they each showcase fragments of life, moments, and people. It’s proof that the creative cauldron is still bubbling, that there’s always a new or emerginlrr2g voice to be discovered. That is why we created an art project that involved this sense of discovery – we put together invitations debuting authors, and tucked them between books in the library, a place where these writers’ work may someday be. The goal was to grab the attention of interested readers, and give them a chance to get to know this year’s writers, to learn their thoughts, ambitions, and desires. We were inspired by the concept of an “invitation,” and the idea that the Long River Review invites readers to slow down lrr3and listen. The magazine serves as a way to link strangers in an intimate and personal manner, offering each of us a chance to take a break from our busy lives and foster a connection with others, through powerful, thought-provoking, and often poignant poetry and prose. In our ever expanding world, we can only hope to impact those whom we would never have met otherwise.

We invite you to discover our 2013 issue.

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