How do you choose which book to read next?

There are a lot of ways to do this. Recommendations from friends and professors, book lists from magazines, book reviews in a newspaper—maybe you just choose a book at random at your local bookstore.

The internet has created even more ways to choose your next book. Let me introduce you to a website I stumbled upon by chance:

Created by a writer named Andre Chapman, the website is simple enough to use. All you have to do is go to the link, put in the name of a book into the search engine, and the website will give you a list of several books that are similar to said book.


You may be wondering how (or WSIRN for short) decides if one book has similarities to another. According to their website:


“WSIRN produces recommendations based purely on collective taste: when books are entered into the same favorites list, they become associated with each other. The more often particular items appear on different lists, the stronger that association becomes. Purely and simply, WSIRN represents mass opinion about books.”


Though it may seem like a Sisyphean task to attempt to create an objective database of books based on taste, it might be worth your time to check out Even the most skeptical could be surprised by what hidden gems they find.

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