“Summer Long Gone” by Linda Drake (2009)

We were sun-baked and freckled in our halter tops and shorts.
Salty from swimming the day away.
Full of energy after corn-on-the cob and BLT’s.
Eager to ride the merry-go-round at Sound View.
Joking about who would catch the unreachable golden ring.
Giddy as Grandpa bought us glazed doughnuts for Sunday morning.

The sky-blue-pink evening blurred as we went round and round, up and down.
Those summertime moments blurred as life circled around me and turned into today.

It felt as if someone had thrown a damp towel over the earth.
It was hot and steamy with the people and animals breathing underneath.

It was golden green glowing all around as the leaves shivered, anticipating the storm.
It smelled dizzy like electricity and musky like the garden being dug up.

When the first drop of cool rain startled my skin and the warm wind whisked my hair
I realized it was August already.

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