Breaking News: Ron Weasley is Actually the Worst

Raeann Veronesi

I remember growing up spending hours of my days with my head in a Harry Potter book daydreaming of Ronald Weasley. I really don’t know what it was about him that I was so attracted to at that age, but I just know I always wished I could’ve been Hermione Granger so I could fall in love with him.

Now that I’m older (and somewhat wiser) I now realize I was an idiot. Ron Weasley is actually an asshole. After rereading the series many times and, of course, watching the movies at least 3 times every year, I have discovered the many, many faults of Ron Weasley’s character. Here are just a few.

WARNING: I’m about to get incredibly passionate and ranty so be ready.

1 ) LET’S START in book one/movie one, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, when Ron, Hermione, and Harry first meet. In this iconic novel that changed so many children’s (and adult’s) lives, Ron bullies Hermione. Sure, by the end of the novel Ron and Hermione are all cool, all chill, but LEST WE FORGET Ron was the reason Hermione was in the bathroom when the infamous troll escaped from the dungeon.


The troll could’ve killed Hermione, ok. DEAD. And it was all Ron’s fault for making fun of her (which he does through all the books and movies).

2 ) Jump to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire where Hogwarts is home to the Triwizard Tournament. In this book/movie, Hermione falls for Viktor Krum from Durmstrang and he falls for her. The two have a beautiful fling, enjoying each other while they have the time to. Krum asks Hermione to the Yule Ball whereas RON asks her as a “last resort” (the famous words of Hermione in the movie). Ron goes so far as to RUIN her night with Krum because he’s a jealous, trash man.

See Hermione loving her life with Krum here:


And here, see Ron hating his life because he asked Hermione too late and RUDELY.


3 ) Now we’ll look at Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince aka the book/movie where all the hormones come out. ALSO, the book where both Ron, Hermione, and Harry get into separate relationships. Well, Ron gets into a relationship, Hermione just has some narcissistic jerk crushing on her that she’s too good for, and Harry finally realizes Ginny is the one for him. Ron, being the insecure man he is, lets Lavender Brown rule his life just because he’s so excited a girl is interested in him. BUT, when the studly Cormac McLaggen shows interest in Hermione, Ron’s jealousy comes out. Instead of accepting that another man can like Hermione, Ron’s reaction is to constantly make jokes about Cormac around Hermione to make himself feel better. It’s really just trash behavior, just so immature.


4 ) The most unbelievable, disgraceful moment involving Ron being the worst happens in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part I movie wise). RON. LEAVES. HERMIONE. AND. HARRY. Just *poof* he disapparates and is gone KNOWING he’d need a miracle to find them again. That scene in the book and the movie breaks my heart because Hermione is CRYING telling him not to go. Ron leaves because he’s frustrated they aren’t finding the horcruxes fast enough and because, again, he’s jealous of Harry and lets that get the better of him.

Look at that anger in his eyes I can’t.


Hermione STAYS with Harry because, unlike Ron, she believes in Harry and knows he’s the wizarding world’s only hope. I’d like to highlight here that once Ron leaves, Hermione and Harry get shit DONE.

6 ) Last, but certainly most important, J.K. Rowling herself admitted that Hermione and Ron would’ve needed relationship counseling to save their marriage. She raises doubts that Ron would have been successful in making Hermione happy. Even the Queen of Harry Potter can see the faults in his character.


See one of the many articles that covered the story that originally appeared in Wonderland magazine here.



6 thoughts on “Breaking News: Ron Weasley is Actually the Worst

  1. Precisely why you liked him. Utterly shit, entirely human. Misre of us are like him and few of us are like harry and hermoinee.hes just uber relatable . And he struggles against himself all the time.

  2. I like Ron. Yes, he’s moody & childish at times, but so what? He’s Harry’s BFF, he doesn’t CONSTANTLY argue with Hermione, just sometimes, & he’s very loyal to his family (& Harry is part of his family, an honorary Weasley).
    DON’T DIS RONALD BILIUS WEASLEY. Just because he’s insecure doesn’t mean he’s no good. The Weasley I hate is Percy, that arrogant, bossy traitor. Cormac is snooty & arrogant. Most of the Slytherins (with the exception of decent, benevolent Slughorn, of course) are horrible. Conceited Professor Lockhart is annoying. Sneering Zacharias Smith is irritating. Ron is generally decent; even though he’s moody, childish, & insecure, but not malevolent. And he’s Harry’s BFF! I like Ron. Very much. He’s also funny.

    1. Yeah, Ron sucks. But what about in CoS when he totally ignored Ginny. He didn’t even care enough to realize that something was clearly up.

  3. I hate Ron. He abuses his position as prefect and picks on little kids. He makes fun of Hermione for being smart and driven, but copies her homework. (I HATE guys who do that). He uses Lavender Brown. He’s all around a prick.

    Victor… is a famous quidditch player. He is top in all of his classes. He is unaffected by veela. And he values Hermione BECAUSE she a serious girl who likes the library.

    If Rowling wanted to give Ron a girl as a prize, what about Gabrielle, the veela descendent?

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