The March Towards Summertime

Jake Santo


Photo by Jake Santo, intellectual property reserved to Santo Consulting LLC

I have always found March to be an incredibly fickle month on the Gregorian Calendar. Below this brief introduction is a sonnet to get you warmed up for springtime and through this odd time of thawing. I’ve always thought sonnets and poetry as a whole to be the most relatable genre of literature to the changing of the seasons. I personally always dread this time of year because it is very busy in school, my taxes are due, and I am very tired of the cold and dreary weather of Storrs in the winter. I hope this sonnet cheers you up and brings you closer to your summer mindset, even if that summer body is a few weeks away.



Fifty-two, and sunny or twenty-five and snow;

The most inconsistent month of the year, is in full tow.

As we start to thaw out, we freeze right back up

When all we want to do is drink from our summer cup.


Feel free to break ties, as we are past Valentines.

You can ignore all clichés, and ceremonial lies;

Free yourself like the bird, who just learned how to fly.

And rid your life of rats, pests, and humble pie.


Be wary with your wallet, for tax season abides.

Be prudent, in time, you’ll be able to shine.

Those new Jordans can wait, although it may hurt;

To leave your heart searching for its material look.


As we all sit around, waiting for summer to bloom.

March is a bitch, let’s hope it ends soon.

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