The Perfect Tea for Your Next Read

Daniela Doncel

Despite the never-ending debate of “coffee or tea” among readers and writers, there’s this consensus that there should be a hot beverage of some kind nearby when engaging in fun activities involving words.

For some, it may be the kick they need to push through a tough chapter. For others, it can be the soothing drink that helps them sink deeper into the armchair for a good night’s read. Then, there are some who use the drink as a break from the anticipation of whether their OTP (one true pair) will come true in the end.

Whatever the case may be, it’s nice to have a complement to a book. However, with all the types of teas out there to choose from, it can be easy to end up with a teabag unfit for the genre.

Here is a lovely guide of which tea goes best with which literary genre:

Poetry with White Tea

white tea

Poetry is an art that attempts to describe complex emotions in subtle ways. For that reason, white tea is the brew for this genre. White tea will have delicate aromas of floral bouquets with gentle hints of earthy elements. Like white tea, poetry can be delicate, in that for those who aren’t avid readers of the genre, the message can be easily missed. Poetry must be read carefully, but in the language and techniques, the subtle message can be found in its complexity. Whether it’s a classic of Emily Dickinson or the child-like wonder of Shel Silverstein, there is no better pairing than poetry and white tea.

Creative Nonfiction with Oolong Tea


Writers have struck a balance of creativity and fact, building real-life narratives with literary techniques that make stories even more memorable. With a genre that allows for an array of topics, oolong tea is the cup for creative non-fiction. Oolong tea can have the widest array of distinctive flavors and aromas since it can be steeped several times, which mixes in harmoniously with the types of stories creative nonfiction tells. Just like creative non-fiction, oolong tea is a nice in-between in terms of caffeine content between green tea and black tea. It’s a tea that gives off unique fragrances, and like any creative non-fiction work, will leave you intrigued.

Historical Fiction with Earl Grey

earl grey

Delving into the past can be a sweet experience, but the bitterness is not far off when the truths of society leap off the pages of a historical book, so the flavored tea Earl Grey would work well with these stories. A bold and bitter tea, Earl Grey will add to that intensity that can come about when reading about societies flaws. With black tea often as its base, Earl Grey will keep you attentive to historical references. It offers a delicious flavor with its different variations around the world, just like history with its global tales. It can be a novel by Toni Morrison or The Crucible by Arthur Miller, Earl Grey will be the perfect companion.

Adventure with Peppermint Tea


Adventure novels offer an unforgettable trip away from the real world, with a few hints of truths about reality lying around. To keep up with the characters, it’s best to have some peppermint tea. With the strong flavor of peppermint, there’s a boost in energy while still offering that relaxing component of tea. This tea will keep you mentally alert when Huckleberry Finn faces another challenge on his raft, and it will enhance memory retrieval for when remembering the proper timeline of The Odyssey. Peppermint tea is a great way to end the adventure, for it’s a natural stress reducer and can help reduce the stress of reading about the protagonist’s struggles throughout the story.

Mystery/Thriller with Black Tea

black tea

Nothing says dark and daring like a James Patterson novel and black tea to match. With the enigmatic tone of thriller and mystery novels, the tea needs to be brisk and loud to keep you on high alert for those clues to solve the mystery. Black tea will offer that strong blend with its caffeine content. Like those staple authors of the genre like Stephen King, there are several tea companies that are known for their signature black tea blend. Black tea will help create a lasting impression alongside these novels since it has pronounced and robust flavors. Try something bold like black tea with an Agatha Christie novel when on the hunt for an invigorating story.

Fantasy/Sci-fi with Green Tea

green tea

Transport yourself to a world unlike our own with green teas that can vary in flavor from each other. Travel on the roads of a fantasy land with a mouth-watering citrus-like green tea or fly into the stars past the clouds with a smoky flavor. The range in taste complements the range of the imagination in these fantastic stories. Though flavors can be subtle, green tea often has undertones and accents that act like hidden treasure in a teacup, a perfect match when it comes to finding the hidden gems within a well-developed world. It can be George Orwell, H. G. Wells, G.R.R. Martin or J.R.R. Tolkien, green tea will hold a flavor fit for fantasy and science fiction.

Romance with Sweet or Hibiscus Tea


With a romance novel, readers can follow the characters on their first date and keep an eye on them when their first fight is on the horizon. No matter what the couple is going through, romance can make us sigh with those sweet moments, so add to the sweetness with sweet tea or hibiscus tea. Spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger can add that kick of flavor that makes a relationship interesting. Hibiscus tea, although sweet, can have a sour taste to add to those moments where things just aren’t going right for the OTP. Both these teas can be enjoyed hot or iced, so they can keep you warm on those lonely winter nights and add to the heat on hot summer days. When enjoying a Nora Roberts book, feel free to grab some sweet tea or hibiscus tea.

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