What your Reading Position Says about You

Daniela Doncel

When reading a book too good to put down, avid readers know there isn’t just one reading position. However, readers all have their go-to reading position when it’s finally time to open the book. Your favorite way to read can say a lot about you and your personality. Arguably, it may not matter, because in the end, we’re all just trying to get to the best part of the book, but it can be something fun to keep an eye out for with book-loving friends. Here are just a handful of the most common or well-known reading positions in the literary world and what they mean:

Seated PositionSeated

Photo: Daniela Doncel

This is probably the easiest position to get into quickly, so you are most likely very hard-working and dedicated. You are focused, yet flexible with everything you do, ready to dive right into the story wherever you are. You’re also approachable as a person since you don’t seem as invested in your story as you might with other reading positions. That doesn’t mean you still don’t get annoyed if someone interrupts your reading time. You can also be a great multi-tasker when you’re productive since this is an easy position to be able to eat snacks and read at the same time with no inconvenience.

Sitting Down, Legs OutLegs Out.jpg

Photo: Daniela Doncel

You are a busy bee in life. Although you try to relax by stretching your legs, you keep your back straight and ready for when you’re needed. You’re always on the go, so when the opportunity comes, you take the chance to get as comfy as you can without getting too comfy. This also means you’re reliable, because even though you’re in a comfortable position, it’s clear you will help at a moment’s notice. This position could also be an indication you are a people-pleaser, because you are willing to stretch out as much as you can to help another despite wanting to read and have time for yourself.

Lying Down on your BackOn Back.jpg

Photo: Daniela Doncel

With a book hovering over your head, this reading position reveals that you tend to be shy. If you attempt to shade the blinding light above with your book, you most likely try to stay away from the spotlight. Whether the book is hovering or resting on your chest, you certainly value comfort as an individual with a position that’s ready for bedtime. You aim for a higher standard in everything you do. You’re also fairly good at keeping aspects of life in balance by using this position as a way of taking the stress and weight off your arms.

Lying Down on your StomachStomach.jpg

Photo: Carolina Tran

If you start off a reading session with this position, you are definitely down-to-earth and laid-back. You’re always ready to relax, and there’s no better way to do that than with a book. You’re also easy-going and not easily irritated, unless you’re asked to move because that’s just interrupting your reading time. You can also be a bit slow and lazy, because once you’re comfy, there’s no getting you out. This can mean procrastination could be a problem, so you may feel slightly behind in life, but that’s not an issue when you’ve got three chapters left to read.

Upside DownUpside Down.jpg

Photo: Daniela Doncel

This position is meant for the aesthetic #bookstagram picture, so you’re the type of reader who automatically judges the book cover, despite the famous saying readers know all too well. You’re also an adventurous one. If you read this way, it means you like to take the road less traveled in all aspects of your life. There’s a good chance you like to do more physical activity than the average book-lover since this position requires a lot of stamina. You may even enjoy the occasional adrenaline rush with the blood rushing to your head while reading.

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