‘Twilight’ characters on ‘Big Brother’

By Lili Fishman

For my blog post I decided to do a little experiment: running the characters of Twilight through a Big Brother simulator. Big Brother is a reality TV game show where several “houseguests” live in the same house, with no contact with the outside world for weeks (sound familiar?) and compete in competitions to win a cash prize. Let’s face it. We’re self-isolating. There’s not much to do. Why not have some fun torturing Bella and Edward by trapping them in a virtual house with their parents, siblings, and an errant werewolf? Come join me as I find out which Twilight character will win this season of Big Brother. 

Lili Fishman is the Long River Review interviews editor and a poetry panel reader. She can be reached at lili.fishman@uconn.edu.

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