LRR 2010

Letter from the Editor

It seems rare to do something in college that you are actually proud of. I have found that every day introduces a new source of shame. Whether it be getting too drunk and embarrassing yourself, starting a ten–page paper at midnight the night before it’s due, and consequently, having to hand it in to a professor you actually respect, or being called on in class when you quite simply were not paying attention. All of these things contribute to the cloud of shame that always seems to hover over college students.

Long River Review is something we can be proud of. For the past three years, I have been fortunate enough to contribute to the production and publication of Long River Review. Every year, I go into it with the same sinking feeling that this will be the year that there will not be any good submissions, the editing panels will not take it seriously, or the Design Center will not live up to its extremely high standards. I am always proven wrong.

The talent that is showcased in Long River Review never ceases to amaze me. The written and artistic submissions that we receive seem to get better with each passing year; the excitement and zeal of the editors makes the late nights and long weeks possible, and the Design Center continues to raise the bar on itself as they work tirelessly to design a journal that all UConn students can proudly call their own.

Long River Review is a representation of the talent that the UConn student body has to offer. So, as your cloud of shame hovers, find solace in the fact that Long River Review is something of which to be proud.

Annie Brooks

Prize Winners

The Wallace Stevens Poetry Prize
Given by The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc., for the best group of poems by a graduate or undergraduate
Phillip Korth, First Prize
Katelyn Aguilar, Second Prize
Matthew Salyer, Third Prize
The Edward R. and Frances Schreiber Collins Literary Prize
Given by David and Emily Collins for the best poem and best prose work by an undergraduate
John Allie, Prose
Duncan Campbell, Poetry
Nicole Rubin, Poetry (Honorable Mention)
The Jennie Hackman Memorial Award for Short Fiction
Awarded in Memory of Jacob and Jennie Hackman for the best work of short fiction by an undergraduate
Jesse Williams, First Prize
Miranda DePoi, Second Prize
Sierra Ryan, Third Prize
The Aetna Undergraduate Creative Nonfiction Award
Given by the Aetna Chair in Writing to support excellence in undergraduate creative nonfiction
Timothy Stobierski, First Prize
Jennifer Few, Second Prize
The Long River Graduate Writing Award
For the best piece of writing in any genre by a graduate
Zara Rix
The Long River Art Award
Xiaotong Duan, Photography
The Gloriana Gill Art Awards
John Allie, Photography
Alexia Lalande, Silk Screen


Editor-in-Chief | Annie Brooks
Faculty Advisor | V. Penelope Pelizzon
Managing Editor | Rachel Madariaga
Public Relations Directors | Sahar Kashi and Ryan Pape
Poetry Editor | Joe Welch
Fiction Editor | Michelle P. Carter
Creative Nonfiction Editor | Kenzi Wilbur
Copy Editor | Kerri Brown
Translations Editor | Ryan Pape
Development Director | Daniel Gregory
Art Director | Edvin Yegir

Poetry Panelists:
Duncan Craig
Reed Immer
Ryan Pape
Nicole Rubin
Marcus Rummell

Fiction Panelists:
John Allie
Annie Brooks
Mandi Casolo
Sahar Kashi
Claire Kenney
Rachel Madariaga

Creative Nonfiction Panelists:
Kerri Brown
Daniel Gregory
Tim Stobierski
Ryan Wiltzius

Kathryn Keller
Nicole Robichaud
Emma Sullivan
Staci Whinfield


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