LRR 2013

Letter from the Editor

In many of the pieces you are about to read, there are things missing: a beloved wife, a place on a map, a cure for a disease, snowfall in Florida. As readers we will embark on a search for these items, hoping to find them buried between the lines or hidden on the next page. Sometimes we will find these things, but most often, we will not.

For the past three years I have had the privilege of searching for items lost while working on a magazine of which I am exceedingly proud. We at Long River Review love breathing life into pieces once hidden at the bottom of desk drawers or scrawled on the edges of class notes. We represent a demographic that includes two AM journeys home from the bar, New England winters, stolen diaries, and dormitory living.

In such a niche group of peers, you would expect a certain level of camaraderie. Don’t we all celebrate the same completed term papers, twenty-first birthdays, and second loves? Yet we are so quick to write each other off. Within five minutes of meeting another person we decide whether or not we like her. We decide if she will say something worthwhile. We lose so many stories that way. The Long River Review reclaims them, and in this tiny book we allow each story to speak for itself.

While in many of these stories there is something missing, there is also something to be found.

Start your search.

Alyssa Palazzo

Prize Winners

The Wallace Stevens Poetry Prize
Given by the Hartford Financial Services Group Inc., for the best group of poems by a graduate or undergraduate
Nicole Rubin, First Place
Ryan McLean, Second Place
Miller Oberman, Third Place
The Jennie Hackman Memorial Award for Short Fiction
Awarded in memory of Jacob and Jennie Hackman for the best work of short fiction by an undergraduate
Kyle Piscioniere, First Place
Christopher Viering, Second Place
Samuel Johnston, Third Place
The Edward R. and Frances Schreiber Collins Literary Prize
Given by David and Emily Collins for the best poem and best prose work by an undergraduate
Danilo Machado, Poetry
Alyssa Palazzo, Prose
The Aetna Creative Nonfiction Award
Given by the Aetna Chair in Writing to support excellence in undergraduate creative nonfiction
Alyssa Palazzo, Undergraduate First Place
Christopher De Marchis, Undergraduate Second Place
Lisa Nic an Bhreithimh, Graduate First Place
The Aetna Children’s Literature Award
Given by the Aetna Chair in Writing to support excellence in undergraduate children’s literature
Grace Vasington, Prose
The Long River Graduate Writing Award
For the best piece of writing in any genre by a graduate student
Miller Oberman, Poetry
The Long River Art Award
Katherine Robinson, Photography
Gloriana Gill Art Awards
Basia Karpiel, Photography
Diana Vi, Photography
Chris Cater, Illustration


Editor-in-Chief | Alyssa Palazzo
Faculty Advisor | Darcie Dennigan
Managing Editor | Christopher De Marchis
Poetry and Translations Editor | Krisela Karaja
Fiction Editor | Victoria Smey
Creative Nonfiction Editor | Bryce de Flamand
Art Director | Edvin Yegir
Web Designer | Sarah Lafferty
Interviews Editor | Catherine Findorak
Blog Editor | Jennifer Embree

Poetry Panelists:
Catherine Findorak
Jessica Hiestand
Will O’Connell
Jonathan Sadowy
Bethany Sullivan

Fiction Panelists:
Julie Bartoli
Tatiana Gomez
Samuel Johnston
Thomas Teixeira
Allison Ziebka

Creative Nonfiction Panelists:
Allegra Berndt
Matt DeMarco
Jennifer Embree
Erin Kelley
Jayna Miller
Emmanuel Oppong-Yeboah

Cara Borelli
Carissa Decelles
Bryce de Flamand
Basia Karpiel
Sarah Lafferty
Shane Milan
Ceila Poirier


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