What’s a Literary Instagram Anyways?

And the 10 That You Should be Following Based on Your Aesthetic!

By Jennie Fetzer

In an internet-obsessed world of Kardashians and #Sponsored content, it might seem hard to imagine another kind of social media influencer- one who inspires you to do the exact opposite of scrolling through your feed and pick up a book? Yes, you read that right. Literary Instagrams are a new kind of social media trend popping up all over the platform lately. Rather than encouraging followers to buy belly-flattening herbs, they are spilling the tea about the best books on the market. And if you appreciate an Instagram flatlay as much as a good read, this new craze might be for you! 

If you’re not quite convinced yet, everyone from Oprah to Teen Vogue  has been talking about it. Spoiler: there’s an account for everyone…yes even you cat lovers! Here are my top 10 suggestions for every literary guru out there looking to take things a little more digital: 

1. If you already follow @Humansof NewYork on Instagram…



I’ll ease you in with this one! If you already know the concept behind @HuamsnofNewYork, this is the same idea. Basically, each photo is someone holding a book and telling you more about why they chose to read it on their commute that day. 

2. If you’re looking to celebrate Black History Month…



Glory Edmin, who runs this particular page, is an author herself and an advocate for other black women and non-binary writers. Her page is the perfect handle to follow if you’re looking to widen your horizons in multicultural literature for the month of February. 

3. If you love books, but also Legally Blonde…


If you ever wondered what it’s like to be in a book club with Elle Woods, now is your chance! This Instagram just goes to show that there isn’t anything Reese Witherspoon can’t do. 

4.If you’re a cat person…


This page is the cats meow- literally! If you’re equal parts obsessed with cats as you are books then this one’s for you. 

5. If you’re into stuff… 



This page is full of the prettiest book covers, all complemented by a trendy flatlay. The bio for this page reads, “Book Recommendations with a Side of Stuff”. It’s a little random, but I love it and will graciously take it. 

6. Or if you’re the ultimate minimalist… 


This feed is simple, clean, and fresh. Besides the stunningly simplistic photos, the book suggestions span all the way from non-fiction to sci-fi. 

7. If you’re a true Instagramer and follow ‘bloggers’…



A blogger is basically a digital guru who posts updates about their life. And in Jamie’s case- the best books to read right now. She is also your go-to girl for all things giveaways (who doesn’t love free things!). Plus her tabby Ms. Taco makes an appearance in some of her shots!

8. If You Want Books Shipped to Your Door Every Month…


If your News Year’s resolution was to read more, this option is definitely for you! For 14.99$/month with no commitment, bookofthemonth.com will send you hand selected reads on a rolling basis. Follow them on instagram to stay up to date about what’s trending and exclusive sneak peaks! 

9. If you’re addicted to coffee…



If you’re looking for the perfect coffee shop read you can stop here. @Bookbaristas suggests novels as addicting as that caffeine you’re drinking. 

10. And if You’re into Literary Magazines…


If you’re a lover of books and literary magazines then this one’s for you! Shameless plug- if you enjoyed this article you can find more like it in our Instagram bio linked above and here!  

Jennie Fetzer is the Long River Review webmaster and a nonfiction panel reader. She can be reached at jennie.fetzer@uconn.edu.

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