Writing As Resistance: The Significance Of Storytelling

Written By: Jess Gallagher

“The narratives of the world are numberless” – Roland Barthes

The evolution of storytelling, whether oral or written, reflects not only how we learn and communicate, but also reveals the constantly changing environment we inhabit. While storytelling has always been around, scholars, writers, and activists are beginning to develop different ways to utilize storytelling to attest to the human experience through

These narratives, to me, are a human strategy for coming to terms with integral elements of our own lived experiences. When I talk to my friends about what moves them to write, their own experiences seem to be the focal point for their art. Whether they write poetry, science fiction, mystery novels, short stories, or even movie scripts—they always place a crucial moment from their own lives in their pieces that attest to the essence of who they are as a person.

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I realized that they use their writing as a form of resistance and to illustrate moments that they felt went unheard.

Sure, this can be frightening and even intimidating to do, but this act of narrativity through creative writing creates a community of belonging through shared experiences that are laid out on the page before them. Much like the oral histories of the past, these stories inspire us to act—to resist the urge to allow silences to consume us and redefine how we see writing.

We as authors, writers, and storytellers can use our writing to fight our way out of what scares and overwhelms us. In many ways, our writing resists injustice and intolerance, but also fosters understanding and builds empathy.

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t feel closer to an author after I read their work. Each time I engage with a new piece, I feel like I’m peering into their inner world and unraveling this carefully packaged narrative that they’ve placed right in front of me.

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As a writer, I often find myself wondering whether my story is worth sharing or not and I think this is something we can all relate to. Before I even pick up a pen, I hesitate and ask myself, “What makes my story worth reading?”

At times, it can feel like so many stories like mine have been told before and I find myself shrinking back into silence. But then, I remember that there are countless narratives within the world and each one holds significance.

The truth of the matter is, your stories are worth sharing even if you feel like they’ve been told thousands of times before. The narratives of the world are numberless and each human experience shares a distinct perspective of that world. So, why not share your story?

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